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The Bensman Difference…

Paul Bensman, a born entrepreneur, got his business start in grade school, selling candy to the neighborhood children on his driveway in Southfield Michigan. He learned about profit margins at an early age.

“My grandpa Ralph would buy me candy from the wholesale house where he bought cigars. Instead of eating the candy, I chose to sell it to the neighborhood kids. Since he bought me the candy, I had no inventory cost out of my pocket.”

In his early teens, Bensman assisted his father, Morris, in several retail ventures. Morris was a partner in his family insurance business, but in 1973 he sold his portion of a highly successful insurance company to start his own business. This belief that everyone should enjoy what they do for a living, and that people need to feel a sense of accomplishment for what they create, formed the basis of Bensman’s business philosophy.

Early on, Bensman had a keen sense of timing. When disco exploded at the end of the 70’s Bensman and a friend created a mobile disc jockey company. At nineteen, while attending college, Bensman started importing hand tools from Taiwan. At twenty-two Bensman and his father opened the first Crazy Benzy’s Tools & Stuff store. By the late 80’s they franchised the stores. While spinning records on the weekend and selling tools in the stores during the day, Bensman started a limousine company. Now Bensman had three successful business ventures at the age of twenty three. Once he married, he sold two companies, and focused on Crazy Benzy’s.

After selling Crazy Benzy’s in 1991, Bensman worked as a business consultant in addition to serving as a manufacturer’s rep for several home furnishing companies. In 1996, Bensman got the retail itch again and bought a furniture store from one of his customers.  Bensman expanded into a second store a year later, but that rapid expansion proved to be the end of the venture.

In 1998, at the age of 38, Bensman entered the world of commercial real estate with a focus on retail tenants and properties and today Bensman owns a commercial property brokerage company. During his time as a broker Bensman has started and sold several business ventures, including a successful green energy lighting company.

Bensman’s experience in importing, development of products, retail, franchising, outside sales, commercial real estate, marketing and advertising – along with the understanding of perceived value of goods and services in today’s marketplace – makes him uniquely qualified in the world of business coaching and consulting.